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Remember to clean the chips, VRMs, and hands before starting this step.Also, especially for SLI enthusiasts, Gelid provides detailed Dimension drawings so that users can see of their SLI Slots will be usable after installation of the cooler, as it is a little taller than the stock card cooler.NOTE: Though the GTX 480 has a four pin PWM fan connector, the fans on the ICY Visions are not PWM.

Cooler Master Introduces MasterAir Pro 3 and MasterAir Pro 4 CPU Coolers.This requires removing the plastic shroud that houses the fan and directs the airflow through the heatsink.Once the screws are removed, the (little dusty) cooler comes off without much trouble, exposing the G200 Chip, and white thermal pads that covered the VRAM chips.

You can really get bogged down in the pros and cons of opting for an aftermarket GPU cooler. Cooling kits, like this here Icy Vision Rev 2 from Gelid, are a great way.Thermal Solutions specialist GELID Solutions expands its multi-award winning "ICY VISION" VGA Cooler on the latest graphic cards of AMD (reference board of HD 7950.

Hi everyone, I would like to do a quick review of my experience of using the Gelid Icy Vision Rev.2 on my Asus GTX 480, and the top-class customer service by the.It could have done with a little fancier radiator coverings like a few other VGA coolers in the market, but then again, were more interested in the cooling than plastic coverings.“The initial install takes around an hour from start to finish due to removal of the old cooler and time taken to clean up the card however once in place the.

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Buy gc-vga02-01 prices Review mpn:gc-vga02-01 for sale Icy Vga Cooler Vision Gc-vga02-01 Gelid Solutions Rev. 2. Payment is due within 3 days. It was put back and.As for how well these cards work, the tests speak for themselves.Before the next step users should wash their hands to remove any skin oils.Boards with spaced PCIX slots will have no difficulty especially if there is a space of two more PCI slots between the cards.

I have a brand new in box GELID Icy Vision Rev. 2 vga cooler. Here's the link to the product.The cooler comes with transparent sticky thermal pads by 3M, neatly cut in the same sizes as the heatsinks. Gelid Solutions

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Take note that the print is VERY small. also tucked in there is everything we need to mount this cooler on several different cards from ATI or Nvida.At COMPUTEX 2010, GELID Solutions launched their latest GPU cooler called the ICY Vision. The GPU cooler is aimed directly at the latest graphics processors.

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Gelid VGA Cooler Icy Vision-A Model: GC-VGA02-0 2 5 Heatpipe, Aluminum Fin, Pure Copper Base Video Card Cooler SKU: 60601.Due to a lack of fingernails we used an Exacto knife to facilitate the removal of the tape covering.Hidden in the triangle shape formed by the bottom of the package were all the heatsinks, screws, thermal pads, a tube of GC-2 thermal compound, and an extension cable to allow users to connect the fans to the system instead of the video card.Knowing, this some video card companies offer non reference coolers on their cards, usually at a slightly higher price point.I've recently installed a Gelid Icy Vision rev. 2 on my 5850 and it is [b]not [/b]compatible with the stock cooling plate (unless modded).

After running Unigine Heaven for about 15 minutes to warm the cards up, we ran the Gelid Solutions. Gelid Solutions Icy Vision A VGA 02-02 Cooler for AMD HD5850 to HD7970 5 Heat pipes 2. Gelid Icy Vision Rev 2 ATI and NVIDIA.Buy Gelid ICY Vision VGA for NV/AT GC-VGA02-01 by Gelid for only $91.34 on stock in our store. Feel free to request a price quote for larger quantities.

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The last step was to use 4 more screws to attach the cooler to the card.

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Its clear that their teams deserves a pat on the back for providing a fantastic cooler as a result of their work which glorifies the companies claims of superior performance for enthusiasts.

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All temperatures were obtained from or verified by MSI Afterburners On Screen Display application and.Buy GELID Icy Vision Heatpipe VGA Cooler 2x 92MM S-SHAPE Fans - GC-VGA02-01 with best customer reviews and fast shipping.One side has the parts list and installation instructions for ATI cards, the other is.